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Hi! My name is Giuseppe Pugliese, I'm a producer.


My interest and love for music started at the age of 12.

Rap was the initiation. Djing captured me and at the age of  14 I could spend 6-8 hours behind the turntables forgetting everything else. Vinyl mixing and scratching definitely got on me! 

The interest in producing came soon and at the age of 16 I had my Akai 950 and a deeper journey into music started. At that time I discoverd, funk, jazz, soul, rock and after a while no music genre was hidden anymore to me. I started loving music in his entire expression.

The trumpet was the first instrument I fell in love with and I took 2 years of lesson with Emilio Soana. 

I kept djing in clubs and for rap groups, but producing was my main thing.

After a while I started piano lesson with Lorenzo Erra, with him I have formed my musical knowledge.

In the meanwhile I started producing seriously and having commission works from locale bands, spreading from rap, r&b, to indie rock and EDM.

In Milan I attended a sound engineer school where I focused primarily on the mix and post-production skills.

At the end of the school I started working for a famous italian composer, Flavio Premoli. We worked on the composition for tv series and movies soundtracks, I was engaged for the programming, mixing and mastering part.

Now I’m tracking my path after the experiences I made in these years !

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